Igår var en kreativ kväll. Jag skrev texter och my buddy Simon sjöng dem och spelade gitarr. Varje låt skrevs på typ fem minuter, så förvänta er ingen Bohemian Rhapsody. Här är mina fina texter iaf. Håller på med en mer seriös låt nu som handlar om mamma.

My neighbour Krusty

My neighbour's name is Krusty, I think he's a little rusty. When he was going to the store I saw a spark coming out from his head. Was it just an electric field or is my neighbour what i suspect?
 Will you work instead of me in a factory next year. Will you save me even though your soul is of steel

The pink generation
Rough boys is calling out a name. Tough boys has swallowed all their shame. What happened to society where men were men. The world is going to a direction of femme. Who has the money to pay them to correctness. Who has the power to lobotomize their dirty minds.. Mama is the key, mama is the name

The game
Let's eat a hotdog and watch the game. Why do you look at me right now like I look at you in my dreams. My abs will cover the truth, my deep dark voice will cover the truth, my outfit covers the truth. Why do you sit so close to me, weren't we suppose to watch the game.

A raping rip-off
Life is like a piece of chocolate. You never no what boxes are hidden in it. Can I please smack you in the face, cause my hand is out of control and I don't like the way you smell. Run to the forest, your legs of steel can be left behind. The forest is over there, between all the trees. Stupid ho

Mitt luffarpass
Jag har gått och samlat burkar i ett år, jag har tio fingrar och tio tår. Min hud är lite knottrig och mitt hår är ganska fett, men nu ska jag finna dig på ett helt nytt sätt. Pengarna jag sparat går till mitt fina luffarpass, tåget som jag åker med har ett värdefullt lass. Min ankomst i din stad var precis som jag tänkt, lasset som jag nämnde är numera sprängt För du är död i mina ögon. Jag säger döööööd

The weight of the unwanted
The bus into town was as exiting as the place it was leading to.
We were going into town to buy meself a pink dress.
But the stores were as disappointing as my birth becuase all dresses were too dark.
Carry me papa, this city is to dirty for my feet.
The adventure continued to every single store.
Now you have to walk pumpkin because you're getting heavy.
Oh, but stupid father, my weight has been the same all the time, it is you who's getting weak.
Just as the odd couple was about to give up, they entered the last store.
And there it was, made by slaving mice, a glorified shining dress.
My dress, papa, buy it now.
It's a bit expensive, but I'll do anything for you son.

Postat av: bella

Grymma låtar! Gilla mest the game. När ska vi starta vårat band?? :D

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